It is 1969 and the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union is intensifying. The Americans are so keen on winning this race, they decide to fake the moon landing. Or that is what conspiracists would have you believe, one theory even suggests the CIA hired Stanley Kubrick to direct the staged landing of the Apollo 11 space mission.

This theory is now the basis of the Antoine Bardou-Jacquet directed “Moonwalkers”. Ron Perlman stars as Kidman, the man tasked with hiring Kubrick for the hoax, but instead he employs a Kubrick lookalike (Robert Sheehan) managed by Rupert Grint’s Jonny. Drug fueled mayhem ensues.

The trailer showcases a very zany feel to proceedings, it certainly looks inspired by aspects of  the films MacGuffin, Kubrick as well as modern filmmakers like Guy Richie and Edgar Wright. The red-band trailer can be viewed by pressing play above. “Moonwalkers” is set to open on January 15th.