Rumors of a “Dexter” revival went viral over the Thanksgiving weekend, those rumors have now been denied by a Show time representative.

The official “Dexter” twitter account, tweeted a supposedly cryptic message over the holiday weekend, that left many speculating the show was due for a return. The twitter account is usual pretty inactive with actual tweets and just used to promote merchandise, so this tweet was seen by man as a indication the network was getting ready for a revival announcement.

The show had its finale two years ago now and finished on a wimper, with may fans of the show left disappointed with the conclusion of the Michael C. Hall-led series, that revolves around a Miami P.D, blood spatter analyst, who moonlights a serial killer vigilante.

The first four seasons of “Dexter” were some of the best TV I have ever watched, while the latter seasons were enjoyable, the quality wained. I definitely think Dexter could and will comeback with Michael C. Hall not exactly pulling trees up in Hollywood. and Showtime in need for a big hit. Let us know your thoughts on a Dexter revival in the comments below.