It has been widely speculated that George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) was under consideration for the Man of Steel sequel, a rumour that he has already quashed.

Miller is no stranger to DC comics properties, a fews ago his “Justice League: Mortal” film was well into preproduction before it was cancelled.

That movie had D.J. Cotrana set to play the man of steel Superman/Clark Kent, Miller recently spoke to IGN about the challenges he faced with Superman and how he would have tackled it his Justice League movie:

“I think its been said many times before: he’s potentially a very boring character because he has no faults, so you really have to find his demons really to get an internal conflict going. You’ve really got to do that. Whether that’s by an external agency or something deep inside himself. You need that conflicted character.

That’s what made the Greek gods so great. I mean they were jealous, vengeful, hubristic. They had all these things going for them. I think that’s why Batman’s such an interesting character because he’s human, so he’s just like us. He’s relatable, rather than someone who’s just perfect.

And in terms of what we would’ve done, clearly we weren’t going to fly Superman and Wonder Woman on wires, they were going to be C.G., but again you’re working your butt off to make it not look like C.G.. Ken Ralston – who’s a great, great visual effects artist – was going to be doing a lot of that. The WETA stuff at that point was mainly in the practical costumes and the effects.”

Interesting comments and points I think the current on-screen iteration of Superman played by Henry Cavill has certainly deployed. Man of Steel’s Superman is not the big blue boy scout we know (and love) from the Christopher Reeve era, he has his flaws/demons and even killed.

Personally I would like a little more of  Reeve’s incorruptible character traits in the current cinematic Supes. I’m hoping as the character grows in the DCEU we will start to see more of this and certainly hope Kal-El will see more value in human life (destruction of Metropolis).