With the upcoming release of the Blu-ray trilogy boxset. Christopher Lloyd has been answering questions on the possibility of a fourth instalment to the beloved Back to the Future franchise.

Lloyd spoke to The Hollywood Reporter where he said he’d be happy to return to the role of scientist inventor Dr. Emmet Brown. Though he did go on to say how hard it would be to recreate the success of the previous movies:

“I would love to do Doc again, no question. [But] it’s tough to come up with an idea that contains the excitement of the original three. So it would be a real challenge for the writers to come up with an original Back To The Future story that has the same passion and intensity and excitement as the other three. But it could be done, you never know.”

In a funny take on the “Back to the Future Part II”, College Humour have created an animated re-imagining of Doc and Marty landing in the real present day October 21st 2015. Gone are the flying cars and hoverboards, replaced with modern realities like global warming, Crocs, Oxboards and terrorism.