Netflix have had massive Success with their Marvel show “Daredevil” and look set to continue with the upcoming “Jessica Jones” looking to be one the most anticipated  new shows of the year, with luke Cage also in the works the Marvel TV Universe looks to be thriving on Netflix.

But one issue is why hasn’t the fourth proposed series in the Netflix/Marvel deal “Iron Fist”  moved forward with any great pace. Various rumors about disagreements over casting and the tone of the show have surfaced. But could their be something more radical in the offing. A report over at Peel the Orange suggests the property could be set to become a Netflix Original movie production.

Take this as speculation and with a grain of salt  but only this past summer,  Netflix have talked about their openness to make feature films for Marvel Characters. This proposed movie format would mean a bigger budget, with “Iron Fist” not beholden to the tone of the other Marvel Netflix shows. Because it is still on Netflix however it could have a much more darker tone than the Marvel films not on streaming service.

The next Netflix Marvel series will be  “Jessica Jones” which will hit Netflix on November 20th.