Spoiler Warning: I’m sure anyone at this site has already seen the Force Awakens at least once by now, but please be aware that this article will contain massive spoilers from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

JJ. Abrams has been talking to Entertainment Weekly about several of the “The Force Awakens” big scenes this week, and has gone into great detail, revealing some surprises along the way.

First up the director of the record breaking film confirmed that both Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi feature in the scene where Daisy Ridley has a “Force Back,’ a force flash back that is brought on when she touches Luke’s old lightsaber. Both the characters voices can be heard in the the scene if you listen carefully enough, with Ewan McGregor and Frank Oz reprising their roles to provide voice work. The film also utilised some old dialogue from Sir Alec Guinness to add the line ‘Rey” by manipulating the late actors line of afraid from a previous movie:

“The idea of the voices was, we wanted the audience to feel – but not necessarily be presented right in your face – this idea that familiar, Force-strong voices were connecting with her. At least as well as they could. You do hear a little bit of Yoda. You hear Luke yelling out, ‘Nooo!’ from that moment in ‘Empire.’ And you hear Obi-Wan at the end say, ‘Rey … these are your first steps.’ Here’s the cool part: We asked Ewan McGregor to come in and do the line. And he was awesome and we were very grateful. He was incredibly sweet and handsome, and all that stuff. Then he rode off on his motorcycle. Literally the coolest voice over actor ever.”

One of the complaints the film seems to have had from its critics, is that the film relies on some major coincidences to move the narrative along. One such plot point sees RT-D2 waking up from a ‘droid coma’ to suddenly give the missing piece of the map to Luke Skywalker. Abrams understands the criticism, but made the choice for a reason:

“BB-8 comes up and says something to him, which is basically, ‘I’ve got this piece of a map, do you happen to have the rest?’. The idea was, R2 who has been all over the galaxy, is still in his coma, but he hears this. And it triggers something that would ultimately wake him up. While it may seem, you know, completely lucky and an easy way out, at that point in the movie, when you’ve lost a person, desperately, and somebody you hopefully care about is unconscious, you want someone to return.”

Then there’s probably the biggest spoiler and moment perhaps of the film, the scene when Kylo Ren, A.K.A Ben Solo kills his own father Han Solo. Abrams reasoning for this scene was for our villains to evolve in the new trilogy just as our heroes do, while also giving Kylo Ren something bold to try and reach the villainess heights of Darth Vader:

“Long before we had this title, the idea of The Force Awakens was that this would become the evolution of not just a hero, but a villain. And not a villain who was the finished, ready-made villain, but someone who was in process.

Star Wars had the greatest villain in cinema history. So, how you bring a new villain into that world is a very tricky thing. We knew we needed to do something f–king bold. The only reason why Kylo Ren has any hope of being a worthy successor is because we lose one of the most beloved characters.

[Han Solo’s death is] this massive tradeoff. How can we possible do that!? But… if we hadn’t done that, the movie wouldn’t have any guts at all. It felt very dangerous.”

What do you think of Abrams decisions on the plot of the new film? let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Check out our spoiler review for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” here.