During a video at New York Comic Con Director James Cameron has announced a line of “Avatar” themed comics with 20th Century Fox and his own Lightstorm Entertainment teaming with Dark Horse Comics.

The comics them selves will deal with:

“new storylines from the past, present and the future world”

Cameron said in the video. In a Statement from Dark Horse president Mike Richardson he went to say:

“James Cameron is one of the film industry’s greatest talents. His films, always on the cutting edge technologically, feature rich characters and amazing worlds, a fact reflected in Avatar’s status as the all time box-office champion. We couldn’t be more excited about working with James and his team at Lightstorm to expand the breathtaking world of Pandora.”

Cameron is currently working on the three sequels to 2009’s massive blockbuster hit, with the first due out in late 2017. Check out the video announcement below.