The Batman franchise was dead, the year is 2004 and 1997’s Batman and Robin has given the caped crusader a 8 year hiatus from the big screen.

Along comes up and coming British Filmmaker Christopher Nolan tasked to reboot the Dark Knight for modern audiences. 2005’s “Batman Begins” kick started one of the most successful superhero series ever and the very first teaser for the film featured a monologue by Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) that never featured in the final movie.

Jonathan Nolan the brother of Director Chris has now postedĀ onĀ Reddit and revealed he regards the speech to be one of his favourite pieces of writing in the trilogy.

“I wrote this in a couple hours in my brother’s trailer while he was shooting the scene in which Bruce is arrested for stealing Wayne corp supplies on his ‘journey.’ Remains some of my favorite writing from these films. Was written specifically for the trailer. Wouldn’t have worked in the film.”


Jonathan Nolan is currently working on the HBO TV series “Westworld” itself a reboot of the 1973 sci-fi western starring Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin and James Brolin.