Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy sat down to talk to THR about the future plans for the “Star Wars” movie franchise, a series the studio plan to continue indefinitely. Although they only currently have the new trilogy mapped out to cumulate with Colin Trevorrow’s “Episode IX” in 2019:

“We’ve thought this all through. The story group has put together a very carefully thought-through strategic plan for how we’re developing the stories and what those stories are and targeting filmmakers. We’ve looked at it up through, I would say, 2019, Episode IX.”


Kennedy say that although the plan was to originally only work on one film at a time, delays in the script for “The Force Awakens has caused the overlapping of the productions on the saga and spinoff films:

“Over the last almost five months now, I’ve been working on Rogue One, and then Episode VIII will start up at the end of January. This will be the only time that it’s really one right after the other because our whole slate got upended a little bit when J.J. and I needed to postpone [the release of] Episode VII from summer to Christmas.”

Kennedy was quizzed about another Lucasfilm property, how is the fifth “Indiana Jones” film progressing:

“We’re all trying to figure out when the right time is to step back in. Harrison really wants to do it; Steven really wants to do it. We’ve kicked around a couple of story ideas, but beyond that, I don’t know yet. I think there will be one, we’ll certainly move forward with Indy. But right now, everybody’s just focused on Star Wars.”

In related news Lucasfilm has released several new photos from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, check them out in the gallery below.