With the recent rumour that the Hulk will show up in the third Thor stand alone movie “Ragnarok”, a new report relating to movie from Birth.Movies.Death reports that the tone of the series is about to get dark, really dark.

The very dark script by Christopher Yost’s is said to have a “apocalyptic vibe”, reportedly the reason Marvel hired “Flight of the Concords” director Taiki Waititi to helm. They’re hoping is style will add a touch of lightness and humour to offset the very dark tone.

The report confirms the Hulk will feature in the action, and he and Thor will take a “cosmic road trip together, Hope and Crosby Style”.  On their journey they meet Valkyries and the report goes onto speculate that Marvel super-heroine Valkyrie and the Enchantress could potential feature.

“Thor: Ragnarok” comes out on November 3rd 2017.