“Mean Girls” director Mark Waters will direct the “Bad Santa” sequel for Miramax and Broad Green Pictures. This comes after last weeks news that Billy Bob Thornton will reprise his role of  Willie Soke in the sequel to the 2003 Holiday themed black comedy .

The first movie about alcoholic, sex-addicted, thief who impersonates Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) to rob shopping malls. The original movie made $76 million worldwide on a budget of $23 million.

Waters will takeover from Terry Zwigoff who helmed the original, cast members Tony Cox and Brett Kelly have also signed deals to return to their roles from the first movie,  a female lead is still being sought.

The studio is keen to get the project fast-tracked with shooting set to start in January. Johnny Rosenthal, Doug Ellin and Shauna Cross wrote the script.

“Bad Santa 2” is expected to be released in the Holiday season of 2016.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter