Neil Blomkamp gained instant geek-god status when his sci-fi modern classic “District 9” received wide-spread critical and fanboy acclaim.

Since then though his last two efforts “Elysium” and “Chappie”have both had less than great reception from both fans and critics alike. Even after this his stock hasn’t fallen that much with the director landing himself the directing gig on “Alien 5” thanks to a campaign on social media where he released concept art.

It now seems though, thanks to Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Prometheus” sequel “Alien: Paradise Lost” that plans on the direct sequel to the Alien franchise is now on hold, the director took to twitter to break the news.

So the question is now what are the “other things” Blomkamp is working on? maybe “District 10”, it would certainly help the director gain back some of his lost credibility by going back to the property that earned him instant Hollywood golden boy status.

The question now is how long do we have to wait for a Ripley centric Alien sequel, has Ridley Scott’s multiple “Prometheus” sequel plans put the proposed sequel into permanent space stasis.