It has been a torrid time for new releases at the US box office this weekend. Four high profile new releases went wide this week with all of them having disastrous openings.

Danny Boyle’s “Steve Job’s” only managed 7th place and $7.2 million in its first week on expanded release. This puts it on par with 2013s “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher which earned $6.7 million.

“Jem and the Holograms” had a record breaking opening…for all the wrong reasons. It became the worst opening ever for a major studio film opening in at least 2000 screens, it managed just $1.2 million and didn’t break the top ten.

Vin Diesel and his “The Last Witch Hunter” was the highest new release but still disappointed, opening at number four with $10 million. The Paranormal Activity series had its worst opening when “The Ghost Dimensions” opened with just $8.2 million at number six.

At the top “The Martian” went to number one again, swapping places with Jack black’s “Goosebumps” with very little between them.  Check out the full top ten below.

1. (2) The Martian – $15,900,000
2. (1) Goosebumps – $15,500,000
3. (3) Bridge of Spies – $11,365,000
4. (-) The Last Witch Hunter – $10,825,000
5. (5) Hotel Transylvania 2 – $9,000,000
6. (-) Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – $8,200,000
7. (11) Steve Jobs – $7,270,000
8. (4) Crimson Peak – $5,560,000
9. (7) The Intern – $3,855,000
10. (8) Sicario – $2,950,000