After the massive success of the third and supposedly final “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” Trailer speculation was rife about when and if the next preview for Episode VII will drop.

Director J.J. Abrams has now confirmed to Extra that said trailer will be it, with just TV spots to come:

“The next thing is really going to be the movie. Well, there’ll be commercials, but no more trailers.”

Abrams was also asked about the fan theories flying around that original trilogy hero Luke Skywalker’s absence in all marketing is down to hiding Mark Hamill’s character turning to the Dark Side. Abrams deflected said question with ease, something he is becoming accustomed to this week:

“I saw that, too [the theory of Luke going to the Dark Side]. I’m always interested in seeing people’s theories. What’ll be cool [is] when people finally see the movie and see what it really is. Hopefully some people will say, ‘I was right!’ Other people will be like, ‘Ah-rah!’ You want people to be debating things even before the movie comes out. It’s a dream!”

Check out the full interview from Extra below.

POTENTIAL SPOILER, you have been warned.

One possible rumor popped up at Star Wars News Net regarding the film,  the report claims that Yoda who was present in five of the six previous movies in the space opera saga will indeed be in “The Force Awakens”. Yoda died in the last film chronologically in the series “Return of the Jedi” but could well feature as a force ghost. This could open up opportunities for Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Ewan McGregor guise to re-appear as a force ghost advisor to Luke or possibly one of our new Jedi heroes in this or future episodes.

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    I don’t recall Yoda in A New Hope…


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