POTENTIAL BIG SPOILERS…Proceed with caution. 

The first rumor comes from a photo that popped up on twitter of a Lex Luthor action figure, in a version of the green and purple battle armor he famously wore in the comics. Jesse Eisenberg portrays Luthor in Batman V Superman, tie-in toys for films often deviate from the actuality of the film, so take this as pure speculation for now.

The second rumor concerns the DC Extended Universe films “Justice League” Part one and two and comes from a report at My Entertainment World. The report suggests that Darkseid will serve as the primary villain for the two-parter. Essentially serving the same role as Thanos in the MCU. Darkseid had already been rumored for the second part of “Justice league”, but Entertainment World specifically indicate he’ll be involved in the first movie too.

We’ll get to see if the Lex Luthor rumor comes to fruition when “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens on March 25th 2016.