Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that all (or at least surviving) “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” cast members will be back for Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: Episode VIII”. Speaking to Bang Showbiz at the London premiere last week, the Lucasfilm president said:

“There will be a handful of new cast members in Episode VIII but also all the cast members you see here tonight will be in it as well. We’re excited to get back together. We start shooting Episode VIII in January, we’ve been prepping the movie for the last year and (writer-and-director) Rian Johnson has been doing an amazing job.”

Before “Episode VIII comes out though, we will get the first anthology movie, or as they are now called “A Star Wars Story”, with Gareth Edward’s “Rogue One”. ForcesTV reports that the film is aiming for a  gritty war movie fell and so the filmmakers  are taking the necessary steps to be as authentic as possible.

The film has employed around forty members of the British armed forces, specifically an Army Air Corps Apache unit, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy – were given the opportunity to become extras on the new film.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens December 16th 2016, while “Star Wars: Episode VIII” opens May 26th 2017.