Spoiler Warning: This speculation piece includes spoilers for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens and minor spoilers from the “Shattered Empire” comic book series. Do not read on if you have not seen the film.

One of the many unanswered questions left from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is who is Daisy Ridley’s Rey? we no know she is Force sensitive and was left on Jakku at a young age, but why was she left and more importantly by whom?

The first part of my theory very much revolves around me believing Rey to be a Skywalker, and Luke’s Daughter more specifically, as many have speculated and the film heavily hinted. So who did Luke shack up with, who is Rey’s mother?

In the “Shattered Empire” comic series, that is officially canon, Luke Skywalker is friends with Shara Bey, a starfighter pilot who served as a lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance and fought during the battle of Endor against the Galactic Empire.


During in this comic series, to cut a long story short, Commander Luke Skywalker gives Shara Bey a force tree, she retires to live on Yavin IV with her husband Kes Dameron. Have you made the connection to “The Force Awakens” yet. Shara and Kes are the parents of Ocscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron.


So Poe grew up around a force sensitive tree, could this explain why he is such a fantastic pilot, has growing up around the tree given him some ability to channel the force? I certainly think so, but I wont delve to far into that subject now.

Poe’s mother Shara is said to have unexpectedly died when he was nine years old, how did she die? and did she actually die? What if Shara left Kes and Poe for some reason and faked her death, later meeting up with Luke, maybe for a some secret mission? at some point 3-4 years later after that they conceived Rey. So Rey and Poe are half brother and sisters.

The pair were not seen on screen conversing together at all, was this on purpose as to not give any clues, visually or through dialogue? Both characters have dark hair and brown eyes, just like their mother Shara Bey. I will clarify this now, they are unaware of each others existence as family.


My theory is that Luke took her as a child to train in his Jedi academy with or without Shara. When Ben Solo decided to turn all dark and destroy the academy, she was taken to Jakku and into hiding. Luke then used some kind of Jedi mind wipe so she remembers nothing of her pre-Jakku existence.

I think having Poe and Rey have the same mother could prove to be a great dramatic moment in “Episode VIII”, With an “I am your Mother” beat, and also giving poe more backstory and a character journey. Why did his mother choose to abandon him?

I have done my best to try and corroborate my theory best I can. Please contradict any of this theory in the comments below if I have missed a clue or an important piece of canon material and let me know your own thoughts.

EDIT: Due to the Disney Infinity Star Wars game, we may have confirmation on at least one part of my theory. Kylo Ren supposedly calls Rey his ‘cousin’ in the game. Does he say cousin or ‘curse you’? Kylo is the son of Leia and Han and the nephew to Luke, this would confirm Luke is indeed Rey’s Father. I am still convinced that Shara Bey is her mother and thus, Poe is her brother.

Check out the Disney Infinity footage below and skip to 20 minutes 30 seconds to hear Kylo Ren call Rey his ‘cousin’ or does he say ‘curse you’? make your own minds up.

UPDATE: Pablo Hidalgo has debunked the ‘cousin’ line on twitter.