Danny’s Boyle’s “Steve Jobs” screened to acclaim and strong reviews at Telluride, but was labelled a ‘work in progress’ cut at the time.

Since then the movie has seen some tweaks and adjustments most notably to the ending. Danny Boyle, sat down with Cinema Blend to discuss the changes, it was important to Boyle that ending reflect the films main theme of redemption:

“We’ve been doing a little bit of work on the very, very end because there’s a redemptive quality at the end, which is very important to — Raymond Chandler said, ‘In any work of art, there is a quality of redemption. There always will be.’ And I think it’s very true that you go on a journey and you want some kind of sense of moving towards redemption.”

A sub plot running through out the movie is Jobs’ relationship with his daughter Lisa, who he denies is his child in the beginning of the film.

“When he can acknowledge that towards his daughter, who you seen how he’s behaved to her earlier on in her life, it’s a moment when he achieves true reconciliation and a true moment of grace. And it was how much we emphasized that, either in a triumphant way or actually in a slightly more personal way. And we moved it slightly more towards the personal and less public. So that was one of the things we were working on. So, it’s nuances like that rather than huge, kind of, ‘we’re cutting this character.’ You know, stuff like that”

The film follows the late Apple co-founder  (Michael Fassbender) behind the scenes of three different product launches, the Mac, the NeXT cube (once Jobs had left Apple) and iMac on Jobs Return to Apple.

“Steve Jobs” opens wide on 23rd October with a script penned by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) and stars:Michael Fassbender, Jeff Daniels, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Michael Stuhlbarg.