2010’s “The Social Network” took big liberties with the facts of the true story it was depicting. Aaron Sorkin’s latest work on “Steve Jobs” also takes a creative license to up the entertainment and cinematic experience.

All the cast and crew have acknowledged this in all press for the upcoming biopic of iconic Apple co-create Steve Jobs. Kate Winslet who plays Joanna Hoffman in the film sat down with CinemaBlend about  the changes from the reality in the film.

“Yes, there is absolutely play with the truth. So in reality, for example, John Scully and Steve Jobs never met after the point that Steve was originally fired from Apple, but in our movie he remains in it throughout the whole 14 years. And similarly, with Joanna, she actually only worked with Jobs for five years, and in our film she’s present for the entire time. In reality, she actually knew Steve until he passed away.”

“Steve Jobs” will expand to wide release on October 23rd.