Wonder Woman” producer Deborah Snyder revealed a while back, that  production on “Wonder Woman”  would start in November. That now seems to be the case, with a slurry of social media posts suggesting that production was underway on the DC cinematic universe standalone film.

The clues are adding up, first off the films producer Geoff Johns tweeted this to the Films Director Patty Jenkins:

With film set to shoot in the UK, he then tweeted this picture:

This is an area close to both Pinewood Studios and Leavesden Studios. “Wonder Woman” set photographer Clay Enos also confirmed he was in the UK with this tweet:

It looks like the films lead Gal Gadot is also keeping in the best shape possible for her role as Diana Prince. Chris Pine is also set to star as Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor. Jason Fuchs who recently wrote the box office bomb “Pan” is writing the script. “Wonder Woman” is set to open on June 23rd 2017.

Morning work out! The best way to start my day!!!???? #workinprogress #wondergal A photo posted by Gal Gadot (@gal_gadot) on