Zack Snyder recently confirmed to 411 mania that the third trailer for his superhero epic “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” will drop soon. This follows on from the teaser in April and the comic con trailer in July.

“I think we got to have a new trailer soon”

Rumours are persistent that two new trailers will drop in front of Gotham and Supergirl, with one being Batman centric and the other Superman focussed. That rumour hasn’t bee confirmed, so with Warners releasing “The Heart of the Sea” on┬áDecember 11th and “Creed” on November 25th we could see it premiering in front of either.

Snyder also went onto to talk about the new Batmobile and how it is designed to be exactly what it is a Batmobile:

“You know it has all the kind of fun stuff. It has the countermeasures – we always talk about the countermeasures because people are like, ‘What the heck is countermeasures?’ You know if I shot a missile at it, flares would pop out of those holes and stop the missile from hitting it. So that’s fun.

It’s got this crazy gun [on the front part of the vehicle]. It’s super-fast. It’s electrified. It can do all the other Bat-car stuff. But the cool thing I liked about it is that it’s a purpose built Batmobile, right? Which is kind of fun to get back to that.”

The new Batmobile can be seen in action when “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens March 25th 2016.