With “Rocky” spinoff “Creed” out in the cinemas and doing good business, Blitzway have unveiled their upcoming Rocky Balboa 1/4 scale statue. A depiction of Rocky from the 1979 sequel “Rocky II”, the statue also features the heavyweight with his dog, Butkus. Check out the full details and images below.

Product No. : BW-SS01126

Product type : Superb Scale Statue, (1/4 scale) Hybrid type

Product size
1. Statue : Approximately H 520mm W 250mm
2. Diorama Base : Approximately H 90mm W 300mm

Product Weight : Approximately 11 Kg (including Package)
Dimension (Shipping Box) :Approximately W 380mm x L 600mm x H 350mm (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)
Release : Mar. 2016
Price : USD 459 $
Limited Edition : TBD
1. Spec.
1. Head, Hair, Hand : PVC
2. Body : Skin effect Poly stone
3. Shoes : PVC,ABS
4. Diorama Base : Poly stone
5. Dog : Poly stone, Fabric
6. Costume : Fabric
7. Package : Color EPP + Color Box

2. Description
The ‘Rocky’ movies catapulted Sylvester Stallone into worldwide fame, starting with the release of the first film in 1976. Blitzway, for its second Superb Scale Statue (1/4 scale) project, decided to recreate Rocky from the second smashing hit of the series, ‘Rocky II,’ written, directed and starred by Sylvester Stallone and released in 1979.
“I know people will think Rocky is my story, but it’s also my generation’s story.” -Sylvester Stallone-
Sculptor K.A.KIM created an intricately carved face that imbues Rocky’s internal conflicts, his love for family, and the anguish felt ahead of a threatening challenge, and captured the image of raw strength and tenacity in the body and pose.
Butkus, Stallone’s pet dog in real life and the ‘Rocky’ series, takes his place next to Rocky as the ever-faithful partner and family member watching over the boxer.
The diorama base recreates the streets from the movie with realistic details and vibrant colors, and the nameplate artistically captures the symbolic training scene from the film.

Tailored clothing and accessories are fit to the 1/4 scale of the statue, and specifically designed to emphasize Rocky’s chiseled, muscular body.
With Rocky by your side, be inspired by his strong determination and will power as you push forward on achieving your goals in life.
“I guess, I’ll have to do the best I can.” -Rocky-

3. Creators
Producer : Won Choi
Director : K
Art Sculpt & Paint : K.A.Kim
Marketing : Won Choi
Production Management : K
Supervisor : Hai Lim
Diorama Base Design : UJU
Costume Design : Hai Lim
Editor of Photography : Hongbaksa
Butkus(Dog) paint : Yoong Young, Lee
Butkus(Dog) 3D : Spider Kwak
Package Design : Hongbaksa
Photographer : StyleFirst
Manufactured by : BLITZWAY

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